The Dorado Stars is a registered non-profit organization . Management of the Club is vested by Constitution with a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of a committee of volunteers, elected by the membership to fairly represent that membership in all affairs and matters regarding the Club. The Board sets policy for the Club, administers fundraising activities ,organizes and runs swim meets and approves all financial matters.

The Swim Club exists to provide quality competitive and pre-competitive swimming opportunities to youth in the community it serves. We are proud members of Swim Canada and Swim Ontario. As such we are part of a network of over 900 swim clubs and 50,000 swimmers nation wide.   Including coaches, officials, volunteers and swimmers there are approximately 80,000 people in Canada actively participating in the sport of swimming each year. Ontario itself has over 120 clubs and 10,000 swimmers.

Since 1972, we have been training children and young adults in the sport of competitive swimming with truly outstanding results. Our club has been Regional and Provincial champions many times over. The Dorado Stars Swim Club has produced many National and International swimmers. Our swimmers have been ranked top 50, 25 and 10 in Canada in their respective age groups. One of our alumni members, Keith Beavers held several Canadian records, was a member of the Canadian National Swim Team and qualified for the 2004 Olympics in Greece and 2008 Olympics in Beijing. For several years, his sister Lindsay Beavers held the Canadian record for the 800 metre freestyle and was also a member of the Canadian Swim Team.

Dorado currently has 80+ members registered in its various programs. Our athletes compete at Novice, Regional, Provincial, Junior and National standard level meets.

Our program focuses on skill improvement, self-development, competition, leadership and sportsmanship. The Stars`professional coaching staff is committed to the development of healthy,well adjusted athletes who contribute not only to their team but to their communities.The essence of sport inspires success which translates to all walks of life. We are looking to give everyone interested in our club , the opportunity to pursue high performance in swimming and in life. It is our goal to impress upon, and inspire all of the starry-eyed hopefuls out there.

We are committed to our mission statement and as such , we continue to implement and coordinate programming that promotes club growth and athlete development.